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Airbrush or HD Makeup for your Bridal Look

Airbrush or HD Makeup for your Bridal Look

The biggest dilemma of every bride-to-be these days – whether to choose Airbrush or HD makeup! And in this blog, we’re going to help you find a solution for the most asked questions by every bride.


What is the difference between Airbrush and HD Makeup

Airbrush makeup is light weight and applied over the skin using an air gun. A special kind of foundation is sprayed over the face using the air gun and evenly applied giving a flawless finish that beautifully blends with your skin.

Photographers these days use HD cameras that give us the most intricate pictures and it’s easy to spot small flaws with these. To avoid these, makeup artists have curated the perfect makeup with which you’ll be camera ready. And the end appearance with this kind of makeup is closer to a natural look.


Pros of choosing Airbrush or HD makeup over traditional makeup.

  1. MUAs make sure the makeup is evenly spread, making it much lighter than traditional makeup.
  2. They give you natural looking flawless pictures.

Should you choose Airbrush or HD Makeup?

Airbrush Makeup is the best for brides who have an oily skin as it can last all day. The only con is that sometimes it tends to give a flaky look.


HD Makeup is suitable for all skin types and gives a perfect and a more natural looking finish.

But what we would conclude is that you take the advice from the experts based on your skin type and budget to choose the best service for your big day.


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